Why A Before Injury and After Injury Witness Is Critical to Your Dayton Personal Injury Settlement


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When you are hurt because another negligently harmed you, there are many critical pieces that must be developed so you can get full and fair compensation. Your personal injury claim must be developed with medical documentation as well as your own personal story. How has the injury changed you? Are you in such pain that friends and co-workers notice? Do they see you grimace as you bend or stand? Do they see you lay on the floor to stretch out your back?  Has that concussion caused you to be forgetful? These are just a few examples.

You can tell your doctor about all of your injuries , as you should. But your doctor will only report what you have told him or what he sees of you in his office. Your doctor must connect your injured condition to the mishap that hurt you. But it is the lay medical witness that knew you before your negligently caused harm and now sees the physical manifestation of its after effects.


Who Should Be a Witness For Your Damages Claim

It is critical that your attorney develop with you those people who know you that can tell part of your personal story. You need  people that know you and can detail your health and activities before the harmful event and how your life has changes afterwards. It is important that they can be as descriptive as possible. Co-workers and neighbors are often the best. A co-worker can explain how you worked hurt, grimaced in pain, rubbed your back and yet never complained.

Insurance companies and jurors want to see someone that fights to get better. They want to see someone that works despite the pain. You want your “lay medical witness” to describe what they see vs the complaints you register. Complainers, whiners and people embittered come across negatively to the insurance adjuster as well as jurors, if your claim has to go to trial. These witnesses must be prepared by your attorney so they know what evidence you want them to portray.

I have been a lay medical witness myself for a lady that once worked for me. Her injury claim was complicated by a prexisting back injury and surgery. The car accident claim went to trial because of that, and I was a critical piece in the puzzle. I had never seen her in pain before the car crash and she never made any complaints. But after the car accident I noticed how her eyes drooped as the day wore on and her face wore a mask of pain. When she came back to work she was still hurting and would have to get up and stretch and would periodically leave  work early. I made it clear to the jury that I noticed a big change . She went from a healthy person to one racked with pain .

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