Dayton Car Accident Claims against Progressive–Tips

Progressive is the fourth largest auto insurer in the US, but it has the second largest share of the auto insurance market in Ohio.

According to the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI), Progressive has 3 divisions in Ohio, accounting for nearly 12% of the auto insurance market in the state. The smallest division, Progressive Casualty Insurance, has one of the highest complaint rates in the state, while the two larger divisions have lower-than-average complaint rates, according to the ODI based on about 110 official complaints in 2011.

However, individual ratings tell a different story and highlight some common tactics that Progressive uses to avoid paying car accident claims.

What Can I Expect from Progressive?

On the independent ratings site, Progressive has logged more than 600 complaints.  competitor  Complaints from Ohio residents tell of many of Progressive’s tactics for delaying and denying car accident claims, such as:

  • Demanding excessive records from claimant–if you can provide the records they ask for first, they will ask for more until they find one you cannot supply, and use it as the basis to deny your claim
  • Not answering the phone
  • Requesting that you get repairs only in one specific shop that is in an inconvenient location
  • Claiming damage was not caused by the accident
  • Trying to cancel policies retroactively, even if paid in full before the car accident
  • Concealing coverage

Third-party claimants, individuals who don’t have Progressive, but were hit by a driver who has Progressive, are especially likely to have a hard time getting in touch with Progressive’s representatives. You may need to talk to a lawyer to get a response. It’s wise to get information from an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. That way you are not alone guesing about your rights and how th get the best money compensation for your injurt.

If you are a Progressive customer, expect to have to jump through a lot of hoops to have your claim considered. The information may not even seem relevant, but if you can’t provide it, your claim may be denied. You should also not be surprised if they claim the damage to your car wasn’t caused by the current accident, or that they can’t tell it was caused by the current accident. And if your manage to get to the point of actually having your car repaired by Progressive, expect that you will have to drive a long way to have your car fixed in a shop that gives Progressive special rates, may not do quality repairs, and may not fully repair your car.

Progressive Is Not on Your Side

Progressive claims to be a different type of insurance company from its competitors, but its basic motivations are the same. It takes in about a billion dollars a year in after-tax income, and it wants to keep as much of that income as possible by not paying out claims.

Their hope is that by making your claim filing process as difficult as possible, many claimants will decide it’s just not worth the trouble. They will hope you just give up, and then they can say that the reason the claim wasn’t paid was not because of anything they did, but simply that you weren’t prepared to follow “standard” procedure.

A Lawyer Can Sidestep Progressive’s Tactics

Progressive may tell you that getting a lawyer won’t make any difference, but they can. If Progressive is making unreasonable demands for information, you may be able to get them to back off. you are in a stronger position if you let a experienced personal injury lawyer get information for you . Controlling the flow of medical records and bills, vetting the appropriate records and keeping the insurance company from raiding your records and gathering things you do not even know about can cause your claim to be defeated and your privacy invaded.

A lawyer can certainly help you get in touch with people at Progressive. They may ignore your voicemails, but they won’t ignore ours. And, ultimately, chances are a  lawyer, in sreious injury claims  can help you get a better settlement from Progressive than you will get on your own. If you’re having trouble with a car accident claim with Progressive, please contact us. It’s free to make a call and ask us questions. There’s no obligation with a case review, either.

I welcome your call 1-800-447-6549. Call me today. I love helping injury victims get what’s fair from Progressive.