5 Critical Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Dayton Car Accident Claim


There are critical mistakes that you can make that can ruin your case. You may never know you made them until it’s to late. I hope you watched the above video about so you do not make these 5 mistakes. These are not the only mistakes that can be made. Timing is everything. If your timing is wrong you may lose your case entirely.

Friends may tell you not to hire a auto accident injury claim settlement lawyer. The insurance adjuster is likely to tell you that. It’s true not every claim needs a lawyer. In my opinion after 32 years of resolving motor vehicle harms the very small claims do not need a lawyer. I do not take every person that calls me.  But I’ve listened to stories of claims I would have taken, but for the claimant floundering around on their own and ruining it for me to help them. They listened to the adjuster or the street corner lawyer.

You did not go to law school. Those clients that hire me realize they know very little about their rights,  what they deserve, and how to put their best foot forward. After 32 years I have a pretty good sense of what it takes to put forth a winning insurance settlement claim.