Case Results

$300,000 settlement prelitigation for young man sitting in the back of a sportscar when the driver flipped the vehicle causing a broken hip.

$1,2000,000.00 settlement presuit for young lady who has her arm amputated below the elbow when the car she was in could not stop in time and struck a truck sheering off the side of her car. Liability was disputed.

$85,000 settlement in mediation for a rear end collision causing a young woman a rotator cuff tear

$250,000.00 settlement for broken ankle with fusion for 50 year old  lady that was struck nearly head on.

Wrongful death of a 29 year old motorcyclist on I -75 in a construction zone. Negligent construction zone maintenance and product liability issue for roadway tape. Settlement $1,200,000.00

$85,000 settlement for bicyclist struck by car. Case settled in mediation after deposition of driver showed severe inconsistency in his story.

$105,000.00 jury verdict for young lady t-boned at intersection. Injury was torn patellar tendon requiring surgery.

$25,000 jury verdict for low back stain caused by automobile accident.

$80,000 verdict for lady in intersection collision. She developed an arthritic spur on one side of her neck that would pinch her nerve when she turned her head to the right. Allstate insurance company paid an additional $20,000 in prejudgement interest based on offer of only $15,000.00

$300,000 settlement after law  suit was filed and depositions were taken. Damage to teeth and gums when driver went off the side of the rode.

Settlement for $180,000 after lawsuit was filed. Degenerative disk disease in neck aggravated by left of center car accident for woman 56 years old. Medical carrier claimed subrogation repayment of $50,000.00 but did not have correct language in insurance policy so no repayment was made.

Settlement for $100,000 which was the policy limits for young man caused broken leg in motor vehicle collision.

$45,000. settlement post concussion syndrome symptoms were  headaches for 18 year old girl in intersection collision.


Disclaimer:  These results are not intended to represent what your claim may be worth. These are just some examples of people we have helped  There can never be a guarantee of the outcome of any claim. Every case is as different. We would be honored to explain our 5 fundamentals of recovery and hopefully help you with our brand of uncompromising advocacy help you recover full and fair money damages. We are happy to discuss other types and kinds of cases we have handled.