How Much Is My Dayton Car Accident Worth – Calculating Pain and Suffering

You may be trying to determine whether you need a lawyer. As most lawyers charge from 25% -33 1/3 % of your settlement,  if you can settle you case for just as much as an attorney could why hire a lawyer.

Or you may be here to  educate yourself so you can assist your lawyer in putting a value on your Dayton car accident. You may want to know what you can do to increase your settlement value. There are many valid things . One is simply seek and follow  a competent medial specialist’s advice.

Or you may have decided to represent yourself. Read on . You may want to consider another alternative.

Almost every week I speak with someone and tell them they do not need a lawyer in my opinion for thr very reason that  I can not add value to their claim. These are generally small injuries with a couple of doctor’s visits or sporadic treatment of a few physical therapy modalities. Maybe even a chiropracter saw them who actually called them to come in. Kiss of death in  my mind.

What If You Have a Serious Injury – Is It Worth Hiring a Lawyer 

To determine if it’s worth hiring a lawyer you need a way to calculate your damages. In order to do that you need to know what you can recover for. The items of damage in Ohio are:

Medical expense, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and disfigurement. You are entitled to what you have incurred and what is reasonably certain to exist in the future. Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to prove and document these damages. So chances are it may be worth it to hire a lawyer. But you need the right lawyer and the right case.

This is What the Ohio Supreme Court Says About Insurance Companies and You rule 7.3 pg 171 in part

Your interests and the interests of the other person’s insurance company are in conflict. Your interests may also
be in conflict with your own insurance company.

What Does Allstate Insurance Say About Getting Damages

This is critical to know. Allstate has documents that coach their adjustors on how to keep the injury victim away from a lawyer. Other insurance companies use many of the same tactics . Why? Because they know chances are in a serious injury claim they will pay more if the client is represented by a savy experienced lawyer that has gone to trial. Nowyou have a real threat that you will take from the insurance company what you alone have no power to take.

Here’s a quote from an allstate document: Coooo11364

Exhibit 4;  

    Stress the importance of the unrepresented segment. (people without lawyers)

   We end up paying claimants up to three times as much as unrepresented claimants with similar injury       

     Point out the tremendous opportunity associated with reducing the need for attorney involvement

I think it was an insurance company that said, “a person that represents themselves has a fool for a client.” Don’t let big insurance make a fool of you with out you even knowing it. If you want to learn what your insurance settlement claim may be worth and want to take steps to get every penny you deserve I urge you to get a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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