Dayton Motorcyclists One Dead One Badly Injured News Account Appears Biased

In Dayton, Ohio yesterday a car turned in front of two motorcycle riders leaving one dead and one with an amputated leg. Yet the emphasis on the reporting is “alleged” drag racing. Early indications reported that a pick up truck pulled out in front of the motorcyclists.

When a car pulls into a thru highway when other vehicles are so close that a crash could occur that is a clear “failure to yield the right of way. ” Motorcycle riders on a thru street have a right to expect cars will not pull out from a side street in their path. By the same token motor vehicles that are traveling in opposite directions should continue in that path and should not turn into the other vehicle’s path. In this case the car turned in front of the motorcycles.

Keith Wooster lays dead. His family mourns and has to deal with this terrible loss. The other biker is critically injured. For what. And why is the emphasis on the reporting on the allegation of “drag racing.” Police are still investigating.

When a car driver turns in front of a motorcyclist, all too often the car driver blames speed. Why did the driver pull out in front of a motorcyclist that was speeding . This does not pass muster with me. The bikers only had a short way to go to their destination. So why would they be drag racing?  It does just not add up.

It is critical for justice for these motorcyclists that witnesses come forward. In addition the police should get a real accident reconstructionist to review all the evidence. Sgt Aaron Fraley was reported to be investigating this accident.

My condolences to the family of Keith Wooster and the other motorcyclist. This motorcycles car crash sounds totally preventable. Think about doing something this day to make the roads a little safer for motorcyclists.

For information Motorcycle Safety Resource the Ohio Motorcycle Safety Kit click the link. Everyone please: