Dayton Motorcycle Fatal Crash in Moraine – Witnesses Call Police


Moraine Montgomery County Ohio motorcycle death

Moraine motorcycle death

It was reported by that a motorcyclist was killed in Moraine , Ohio a village near Dayton on Ohio Route 4 yesterday. The motorcycle crash is under investigation and the police are unsure as to how the collision occurred.

The crash occurred at the intersection of  Route  4 (Germantown Pike ) and South Union road. Details are sketchy at best and the police were still trying to notify the next of kin

The motorcyclist was traveling south on Route 4 and nearly stuck a motor vehicle that was in the intersection. No mention is made of where the motor vehicle came from and if it left the scene. In an apparent attempt to miss the vehicle the biker left the road and crashed into a telephone pole.

Moraine police are asking for the public to come forward. Ask for spokesperson police officer Keith Leech of the village of Moraine police department. Call 535-1156. He stated ” their was a near collision in the intersection and the motorcycle rider went off the road”

With all the myths and prejudices motorcyclists face, a witness will be critical. The police allege no other vehicles were hit. This appears to be a wrongful death, especially if my suspicion that a car turned in front of the motorcyclist is confirmed.

Failure to yield the right of way to a motorcycle rider is an all too common scenario in motorcycle automobile wrecks. Even though a car has  failed to yield to a motorcyclist the insurance investigators, adjuster, and their lawyers look for ways to pin fault on the biker.


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