Dayton Man Turns Self In for Fatal Motorcycle Car Crash

Dayton, Ohio April 5, 2013

Last night it was reported that a Dayton lady motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a car. The driver and passengers in the car fled the scene.

This morning it was reported that the man suspected of being the driver of the car has turned himself in. Dayton police made a statement that Dorian Frazier turned himself in this morning. Details of how the crash actually occurred were not supplied.

The deceased victim has now been identified as Eva Brooks Fletcher. The Montgomery county coroner’s officer stated an autopsy will be performed. WHIO TV is credited with breaking this story and following it up.



To often injured , maimed and killed “bikers” are not given a fair shake. Some people, because of their prejudices, do not seem concerned about the loss and death of a motorcycle rider. I commend WHIO TV for staying with the story that is just unfolding.

Too many times the offender’s conduct is excused. Too many times some blame is assigned to the biker. Most motorcyclists are law abiding citizens that would give you the shirt of their back. They deserve full protection under the law. I have seen this happen more than once where the facts get contorted and the implication is the motorcyclist had something to do with the crash.

Hopefully with the help of WHIO TV Dayton the truth will continue to be reported fairly.