Dayton Fatal Motorcycle Car Hit and Run Crash

News reports are out of a fatal hit and run motorcycle car crash in Dayton, Ohio on April 4,2013. WHIO  TV reported that a lady was dead as a result of a collision with a car.

The occupant’s of the car left the scene running. The crash was  at West Third and Abbey.  Witnesses to the crash were being interviewed. The victim was identified as a member of the Queens of the Night Motorcycle club.

Anyone with information about this crash please call the Dayton Police Department. Ask for detective Mark Spears 937-333-1000.


Another biker apparently without fault has lost her life. A family is irretrievably broken.  Motorcycle riders have just as much right to the highway as people in cars. The excuse that bikes are hard to see is ridiculous. This fatal motorcycle car crash occurred in broad daylight.

There are many unanswered questions. You can bet that the car drivers that fled the scene are putting their “story” together. The importance of the eye witnesses are critical to justice. Reconstruction of a motorcycle crash from physical evidence at the scene is difficult unless you have special training. And even then depending on the skill of the reconstruction experts outcomes may vary.

Please Watch for Motorcycles. This brings home the statement “Look Twice Save a Life.”